1. Erica McPhee
    8 janvier 2017 @ 07:43

    So many words I would like to express sound trite in their overuse. We say something is amazing and sometimes we don’t appreciate the meaning of the word. But your accomplishment is truly amazing. The dedication, commitment, and hardwork is astounding. It is both impressive and incredibly inspiring. I hope you will share more about your daily routine, timing, etc. Thank you for sharing it with the world. And I look forward to purchasing the book!


    • Sybille d'Ursel
      8 janvier 2017 @ 10:59

      Thank you so much Erica !
      Your kind words mean a lot to me, your generosity towards the calligraphy community has been a great inspiration to me ever since I began my calligraphy journey.
      I am not a sharer, I tend to do my own thing in my little cave and don’t really give a damn about what people think… But I got so many positive energy from sharing my headlines during the past year, and today with this post… The feeling is amazing !
      My challenge for this year is to share more about myself and my process through regular blog posts. I just hope I’m not going to run out of things to say 😉


  2. Holly A.
    8 janvier 2017 @ 07:55

    What a wonderful reflection on your experience! I can’t begin to express how your amusing headlines and work were not only inspiring to me as an aspiring calligrapher but each morning my husband and I shared a laugh as we read about the stories behind the headline! 2016 was definitely not among my favorites (especially here in America) but your posts were a very positive start to each of my days! I would definitely be interested in a book of them! I look forward to seeing your works in the future as well. Congratulations on an incredible achievement.


  3. Sybille d'Ursel
    8 janvier 2017 @ 11:09

    Thank you so much Holly !
    I think Belgians are known for their ability to laugh about everything (even the saddest things, really), and I am hopelessly optimistic in all things. So sharing something fun with the world was a lot more meaningful to me, and it makes me so happy to know that I brought some smiles to your home in the past year !


  4. Felicia
    13 mars 2017 @ 06:01

    Hi Sybille! I’m so inspired just reading this post 🙂 I’ve always been following your headlines, and they are just delightful. In fact, your flourishes and progress are such a joy to see on IG, and I’m like you, I’m not great with long term commitments, I like funny random things, and certainly haphazard and disorganized in my little head most times. But looking at your progress, I’m tempted to also do a similar challenge (though I mostly quake at the ‘omg what did I get myself into) Totally agree with you on the points of consistent practice is what drives improvement, and that creativity does dry up sometimes. It’s a bit depressing some days when I’m all psyched to do something and nothing manifests, so I’m really in awe of your creativity sometimes!

    btw I’d most certainly get a copy of your book! 😀 (and I also need to learn how to layout my sentences properly)



    • Sybille d'Ursel
      13 mars 2017 @ 08:59

      Hi Felicia !
      Thank you so much for your words, you gave me lots of energy to start the week !
      I assure you that when I started the challenge, I was almost certain that I wouldn’t make it to the end of the year… but having made the commitment on IG, and seeing that more and more people were following along, I just couldn’t let everyonone down. So I pushed through and I guess I exhausted myself a little. But I am so proud ! The feeling is great and I would definitely recommend this to you.
      If a daily challenge seems to be too much for you, maybe try to come up with a schedule that fits you better : maybe post only on weekdays, or every other day or just once a week; maybe not for a whole year but just a few weeks or months… I’d say the best thing would be to get out of your comfort zone a little, because you’ll get bored if you don’t. But also be gentle with yourself : I wish I would have decided not to post on the weekend for example, and allowed some vacation time. That way I wouldn’t have felt bad not to post anything when I needed to have some time off.
      Inspiration is a very tricky thing that doesn’t always manifest herself when and where you need it… But I found that I actually get more creative when I just dive into the work. A blank page is not inspiring – it’s actually very frightening – but a few scribbles, even if they’re ugly at first, are a first step towards something new… and that’s inspiring.
      The book is slowly coming along, I still need to figure out a lot of things but I hope that it will be done before summer 😉


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