Tailor-made and hand-crafted with passion 


A wedding is an emotionally-filled event, tinged with a very special meaning : it is at the same time the outcome of a beautiful love story and the beginning of an adventure. Every detail of this exceptional day deserves to be crafted with great attention. For me, it all begins with the creation of unique invitation suites and goes on with the writing of matching  signage, menus, seating cards… that will delight your guests.

D E S I G N  &  C A L L I G R A P H Y 

My work always starts by talking with the couple : to be able to create the beautiful papers that will be a perfect reflection of who you are, I need to know more about you and your tastes… Then, I take out my pens, brushes and inks, and patiently draw and write the letters that will adorn your stationary and give it the special meaning you are looking for. All these elements are then scanned in and laid out before you can see and comment on them. If need be, revisions will be made and the final concept will be passed on to you as Hi-res PDF files, ready for your printer. If you wish, I can also hand-address your envelopes in a matching hand, to make your guests to feel valued and taken care of right from the moment they receive your beautiful mail.

The production time can vary : generally it takes 5 to 15 days depending on the scope of your project and the swiftness of our communication.

I often get requests months in advance, ideally the design process should start at least 5 months prior to your event.

C A L L I G R A P H Y  &  P R I N T I N G  

After the designing stage detailed in the previous section, we will discuss all the printing details together, choosing the best paper and printing techniques… all the things that will allow your stationary to be the reflexion of your unique story. When all the elements are finalized and perfected, I will take everything to the printer and order your envelopes. A few weeks later, your beautiful package will be delivered to you. 

Production time generally varies between 5 and 15 days depending on the scope of the project and the swiftness of our communication. Printing may take up to 4 weeks and the addressing time depends on the number of envelopes.

I often get requests months in advance, ideally the design process should start at least 5 months prior to your event.

D E T A I L S  F O R  T H E  B I G  D A Y 

Creating a cohesive set of paper goods, means to also think about the smaller calligraphed elements that will complement your decoration on your big day. Programs, signage, seating cards, table numbers… Whatever you need, I would be happy to make it possible.

Production time generally takes between 5 and 10 days, but make sure to contact me well in advance to reserve your spot.

O T H E R  E V E N T S


Calligraphy gives a special meaning to your words, it sets the tone for your event, communicates your unique style and shows how much your guests are valued. Each unique event deserves that special graceful touch…

If you wish to get more information, tell me about your wishes and I will make an estimate just for you.

Calligraphy shouldn’t only be for special events ! I sometimes write large bodies of text like poems, quotes or vows meant as a beautiful gift or just as a unique decoration item.
I first work on a layout that can be revised if needed, then I go on to writing the finished artwork on the paper of your choice.

The minimum order for such custom artwork is 120€.